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Meet the adoptable AARF dogs and cats!

We are so glad you are interested in adopting a pet from AARF! Many of our pets have been waiting a long time for a forever home. Some have special physical or behavioral needs, so please read descriptions carefully and ask any questions that come up. We look forward to helping you find a good match!

AARF's adoption process requires three steps: 
1) completed application - click here to complete the adoption application
2) home visit
3) signed adoption contract and adoption fee ($225 for dogs, $125 for cats)

Completing the application is only the first step in the process and does not guarantee that your application will be approved.

Please be patient once you complete an application. Most of our pets are not at our facility but are in foster homes. Our adoption coordinator will contact you within 24 hours to give you more information and set up meetings. The adoption process will usually take 3-7 days, depending on scheduling the meeting and home visit. We do not do adoptions on the same day that you complete the application.

Because our adoption process requires a home visit, we only do adoptions in the Atlanta metro area. If you have any questions before completing the application, email us at or call 678-534-3483.Thank you for your interest in adopting from us. Please fill out the adoption application and hit submit.

Meet the Dogs!

Meet the Cats!

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