Cream and Pugsley

Adopted on January 3rd, and January 20th, 2024

Cream and Pugsley grew up together in a foster home. Even though they weren’t family, they still loved each other like brothers.

Pugsley came to AARF as newborn kitten with no mother and had to be bottle fed by his foster. He grew up with his foster’s three chihuahuas and learned not to be afraid of anything. And while he loved his dog playmates he really wanted a kitty companion.

A few months after Pugsley arrived in his foster home, 4 week old Cream made his way in. Cream was instantly in love with Pugsley and followed him everywhere. While Pugsley didn’t share the same feelings at first, he quickly grew to love Cream as much as Cream loves him.

Pugsley was adopted January 3rd to the perfect home, and after some time his owner realized she couldn’t leave behind little Cream! The brothers were reunited January 20th in their forever home!