Pet Food Pantry Application

AARF Community Pet Food Pantry

Application Form for Households

If you are a resident of 30021, 30058, 30083, 30084, 30087 or 30088 zip code, own dogs and/or cats, and need assistance with pet food and other necessities, you may qualify for assistance through the AARF Community Pet Food Pantry. If you are approved under this program, you will receive household-appropriate pet food amounts donated once per month for six months. 


  1. Recipients must provide proof of unemployment, social security, disability, and/or EBT. Total annual household income must fall under $25,000.
  2. Recipients must provide proof of spay/neuter for each pet in the household or have pets altered within 3 months of acceptance into the program. If you need financial assistance, please inquire or apply online at our website.
  3. Recipients must provide proof of current rabies vaccinations for all pets. 
  4. Recipients must be 18 years of age or older. 

Rules & Guidelines:

This is a temporary service. If your application is approved, you will be eligible for 6 pet food pickups. You may reapply for additional  pickups, with approval based on extenuating financial circumstances. Approval for renewals will require additional financial documents.

  1. Pet food can be picked up on Thursdays and Fridays from 12:00-7:00 pm. No pickups can be made outside of these hours. 
  2. All pet food and supplies are donated and may not be the current brand you use, which may upset your pet’s digestive tract and/or create allergic issues. 
  3. You may receive expired food (no older than 6 months past expiration) or dented cans. Please use your own judgment regarding feeding any food you receive.
  4. AARF cannot accommodate special requests for dietary needs; we are only able to give what is available at the time of your pickup.
  5. Recipients agree not to resell, redistribute, or attempt to return to any store the items given to them through the AARF Community Pet Food Pantry. Violation of this rule will disqualify you for future assistance.
  6. AARF reserves the right to deny service to anyone under any circumstances, or to make exceptions based on individual needs.
  7. All applicants must conduct themselves in a courteous and lawful manner while on the premises. Rude, disruptive, or abusive language or behavior will IMMEDIATELY disqualify you from the program. 
  8. Please note that this offer is good for residents of the following zip codes only: 30021, 30083, 30084, 30087, and 30088. Proof of residency will be required. 

If you have any questions before completing the application, email us at or call 678-534-3483. Please fill out the below application and hit submit.

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct and that I have not omitted anything that would make my application false or misleading. I will not hold AARF, directors, officers, employees or volunteers liable for any issues which may arise from my use of the AARF Community Pet Food Bank.